Statement of Belief

We believe that God the Father as Creator and Sustainer of life is worthy of the worship and obedience of every created being. We believe that sin entered the world as mankind chose to rebel against his Creator. We believe that sin is by nature corrupting, and that it separates the defiled man from his Creator, and that sin carries the penalty of physical death and eternal separation from God. We believe that God in love sent His only Son, the express image of His person, into the world to remove the separation, by taking on Himself the sins of humanity, and paying the penalty for sin by offering His life as a substitute sacrifice.

We believe that forgiveness of sins is freely offered to all who repent and put their trust in Christ’s substitutionary death, in which their sins are exchanged for His righteousness. Those who are thus in Christ are changed and transformed, receiving new life as the Spirit works to change them to be like Christ.

We believe that God, as the Creator of humankind, desires a relationship with those of every race and nationality. He calls all people everywhere to repent and turn to Christ. Those who reject this call continue in their sins, remain under the penalty of eternal death, and will answer to God for their rejection of Christ. Those who turn to Christ are freed from the power of sin, adopted as children of God, and become part of the global family of God, who will one day join believers from every tribe, tongue and nation in worshiping their Savior forever and enjoying His presence and blessing in heaven.

We believe that God commissioned His people to spread the Good News of salvation to the world. We believe that God calls His people to demonstrate His love in fellowship with one another and by reaching out to the lost.

As such, we are excited to serve His Kingdom, to proclaim His Gospel, and to share His Love!